There is a clarifying moment
When you know that you’re over, it’s done
Reality sinks that hope is no longer coming
And faith has been set with the sun
Even with all the fear inside you
You recall a glimpse of an unattainable chance
Despite that your life wasn’t worth living
Your heart had moments it danced.




The way it hurts

Is far beyond deeply

I now understand

That it never was or can be me

That doesn’t mean

That I didn’t try

I wish I could have been enough

To unlock your missing joy inside.


A hug like a warm blanket
A touch that feels of home
The voice that would lull you softly
And strongly bring you back from harm
The infinite moments to measure
That make up all the ways
You are filled with appreciation
When you say, Happy Mothers Day 💕



There is always a choice,

To love a different way

Not every relationship is meant

To exist the way they say.

In this world of options,

I will always choose you

Your connection is the one

That I am forever drawn back to.

I have no guarantee,

If that will ever change

I just know my body responds

With the breath of your name.

In all the souls and beings

That were meant to align

I am forever grateful,

There was a bond of yours to mine.


IMG_6718The moment she met him, she just knew
His pools of brown met her sea of blue
Never again was she the same
Within her heart had etched his name
Missing years their bond stayed strong
Between their souls continued a song
A tune of how their world did dance
Every time they took the chance
To give one another the precious gift
Of the person they almost missed.


IMG_6544Hands clasped, eyes closed, open mind
You speak, just you and your spirit
Your energy connecting with all that is divine.

The thoughts come in great waves
Flowing with anxiety, soaring with joy
All that matters washes over you, the heart is ready to know.

Those words you are troubled speaking
The messages consuming your mind
They arrive in these conversations, it’s where they really shine.

You appreciate these moments
The ones where you can just be
Solace and peace allow you the openness to feel completely free.

The words that come from within you
They travel straight from the heart
They speak of those you really love, no conditions on their part.

In this time of connection
Your energy is clear
The fulfillment of all these promises are very close and near.

You feel your breath come easy and your body becomes so light
This time is slowly closing
You know things will be alright.

Your eyes slowly open
A smile spreads across your face
“Thank-you my dear savior for giving peace a place.”



img_4868The possibility of new life sat in her hand
She fell to her knees gasping for air
She could hear her own voice repeating

Softly: “It can’t happen again”.

She looked down, her eyes locked on the sign
Afraid to hope, her tears rolled freely this time
She put her hand to her heart to calm the vigorous pounding

Softly: “Beat one. Speeding up beat two. A faster beat three.”

The room started swirling around her
The past was riding through her mind
The memories flushed fear over her

Softly: “This time could be different, this time could be mine”.

All the moments before this had ended in pain
Memories of life that couldn’t remain
Maybe this could be different and life would begin.

Softly: “I promise to pray for him”

She stood slowly, letting her body breathe deep
This was the moment she knew she would keep
The time her life changed to grant her one wish

Softly: “I love you my baby, you are my greatest gift”.



There was a little light that was so dim

Flowing beneath, simmering within

It caught the attention of the moon

Who gave the light a steady tune

As time went on that little light grew

It wasn’t long and they both knew

That little light would become a flame

That glowed within them both the same

The moon was steady and held the flame through the night

And that little flame felt worthy and bright